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Hiro/Kisa is love [entries|friends|calendar]
The Tiger and the Lamb

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Hiro x Kisa Fans!!! [13 Dec 2018|03:42pm]

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Hi [07 Mar 2006|09:56pm]
I adore Hiro and Kisa! They don't get enough praise! Kisa gets more praise then Hiro. On role-play boards, almost no one applies for him. It's kind of sad, actually.


Please join this message board. ;) A few Hiro's are needed, other Kisa's are open, and we need a Megumi for the MegumixKisaxHiro triangle.

By the way, has anyone heard of that triangle? I love it!
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[27 Nov 2005|06:02pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hello, I'm back ^^ (Back and back, was I somewhere O.o7) But anyway, I drew some Hiro/Kisa fanart some weeks ago, found it now. Enjoy!

The Beauty and the BeastCollapse )

And warning, I did NOT clean it. It's a bit of... gray because of that ^^;;;; And other warning: Kisa's taller than Hiro, because of their... heights, I can't draw them like that without making mistakes with their heights. That's it.

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hewo ^^ [15 Nov 2005|12:53am]

[ mood | busy ]

Well yay~~ I thought I wouldn't find many fans of this pairing but I'm glad I'm wrong ^^U
I just luff this pairing, they both look too cute together <3 Even though Hiro's a little rough on Tohru I still like him, too cute to hate ^^o

Anywayz, hewo ^o^

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[29 Oct 2005|06:55pm]

Helo. I just joined, I'm Hiro/Kisa- fan, they're so cute together! Anyway, I made some icons today. I hope you enjoy: (Sorry, don't have a photobucket or something like it yet, so I use my Greatestjournal...)

Ehheh. I wish too you like me.
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[30 Jul 2005|11:30pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

...Hi there. :D

As I mentioned before, I got accepted to write Hiro and Kisa essays at reflections_2, and a Hiro/Kisa essay ship_manifesto.
I want to start writing, but..I can't think of a title.
And I don't want to start writing until I think of one. ;~;

Does anyone have any ideas? A title for a Kisa essay, a Hiro essay, and a Hiro/Kisa essay.. So far the only ideas I have are "The Tiger and the Lamb" (after two poems), "Kisa had a little Lamb", "The Princess and the Knight", and "Childhood Sweethearts". But meh. I don't know. ;~;

Any help would be greatly appreciated. ^^ Thank you!

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[21 Jul 2005|06:42pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

I have recently just been accepted to write character essays for Hiro and Kisa at reflections_2, and a Hiro/Kisa essay at ship_manifesto. My due days are in early September, but since I am leaving for college in early August, I am going to try and get these done very soon.

So.. I was wondering if anyone had any good Hiro, Kisa, or Hiro/Kisa-centric shrines with good information they could share?
I only know of one, which is a Hiro shrine: Heart of Gold
Edit: Also, links to good Hiro/Kisa fanfiction would be lovely too. I want to collect a lot of good links for the references section.

Thank you! ^_^

Cross-posted to fruits_basket

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[16 Jul 2005|11:42pm]
Hello! I just joined this community. I really think that KisaxHiro are just the sweetest little couple. :3

And, as you can see, I'm also a big fan of KyoxTohru together. <333
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some iconz [09 Jul 2005|11:59am]

[ mood | blank ]

Here are some new icons I made, please tell me if you take any and credit me, thank u^__^
teaser:Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Read more...Collapse )

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[02 Jul 2005|08:32pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Welcome to the Hiro and Kisa community! Um. Feel free to post and stuff now if you wish, and please read the rules. ^_^ Thank you!

This pairing isn't so popular, but I hope we can at least gather a nice group..

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