Bonnie lass (sleepdebtfairy) wrote in hiroxkisalove,
Bonnie lass

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...Hi there. :D

As I mentioned before, I got accepted to write Hiro and Kisa essays at reflections_2, and a Hiro/Kisa essay ship_manifesto.
I want to start writing, but..I can't think of a title.
And I don't want to start writing until I think of one. ;~;

Does anyone have any ideas? A title for a Kisa essay, a Hiro essay, and a Hiro/Kisa essay.. So far the only ideas I have are "The Tiger and the Lamb" (after two poems), "Kisa had a little Lamb", "The Princess and the Knight", and "Childhood Sweethearts". But meh. I don't know. ;~;

Any help would be greatly appreciated. ^^ Thank you!
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